What Exactly Is Warehouse Striping?

Have you ever been to a warehouse and noticed the floors were chipped and dull, the markings had worn off, and you couldn’t tell the loading areas from the hazard areas?  New warehouse striping is probable needed. If you had asked the employees in that warehouse if there had been any accidents, they would probably tell you there was at least one rather recently.

Why Is Warehouse Striping Important?

Warehouse striping is important for many reasons. If done correctly, it gives the warehouse a professional look and it is also essential to keep in compliance with OSHA regulations concerning required floor markings. Warehouse striping allows for a more organized and efficient use of space as well as a safe working environment. This is especially important in areas where pedestrian and fork lift traffic meet or where distance should be maintained from dangerous equipment.

The complexity of a well-organized warehouse striping layout should be left to highly-trained, experienced experts and at TCI Striping, we have over 40 years of experience in the warehouse striping business.

Depend on the experts at TCI Striping to help you create well-organized warehouse striping layouts. We use high-quality shot blasting machines to remove existing warehouse striping as well as prepare surfaces to bond more effectively with paint. Also, for your peace of mind, our teams are fully insured and trained to work on all sites.

Contact us when you need any of the following:

· New warehouse striping. Have a new warehouse that needs to be striped? We can help from the start with consulting and helping answer your questions all the way to completion.

· Removal of the old warehouse striping. Unfortunately paint doesn’t last forever. However, if prepped and done correctly, your warehouse floor striping can last for many years more then normal applications.

· Redoing your current warehouse striping layout. We’ve been in the business for a long time and have seen it all. Not all painters and contractors are knowledgeable and equipped to handle proper floor striping. Let us fix the issues others may have left you with.

· Repainting faded warehouse striping. Not prepping the floors properly, or simply repainting over existing striping lines can actually shorten the life of your striping lines. Making sure you have an experienced company like TCI Striping can extend the life by years, instead of months.

· OSHA compliant floor markings. Due to our experience and expertise, we have worked with OSHA compliance requirements for many years now. Don’t let just any company handle this for you, call us today for a free quote.

· Warehouse striping consultations. Our consultations are no hassle, no pressure discussions. Our experienced team can assess your business’s goals, needs and wants. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate quote quickly. If you have an existing and working warehouse, we can move around quickly, preventing any slowdown to stopping of production.

Our experts will inspect your warehouse floor to determine how to best meet your striping needs. We use innovative products and the most effective striping methods on all warehouse floors. We also offer continued maintenance to ensure your floor stays well-organized and polished to give them that professional look and shine.

At TCI Striping, our services are not only unique but also durable. Feel free to contact us for all your warehouse striping needs.

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