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OSHA Warehouse Striping in Riverside and San BernardinoCounties

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Is your Riverside warehouse safe enough by OSHA standards? Are you maximizing the efficiency of your San Bernardino facility?

Increase productivity in your Riverside or San Bernardino warehouse. Don’t leave the safety of your employees and equipment to chance. Choose TCI Striping in Riverside and San Bernardino areas.

Are you having issues with your warehouse floor striping? Are you following OSHA regulations for warehouse floor striping?

Don’t take your warehouse floor striping for granted: make sure the floor striping in your facility is according to OSHA regulations.  If you are in Riverside or San Bernardino counties, TCI Striping is the company you should trust for all your OSHA floor striping needs!

With over 40 years of experience in the business, you can expect nothing but high-quality striping services according to OSHA regulations!

Services Offered:

Warehouse Striping

Do you want high-quality floor striping that are compliant with OSHA regulations? Do you need to remove poorly-installed floor striping and install new ones? Do you want to modify your current floor layout? Whatever floor striping service you need, look no further! Our professional team is trained and insured to provide OSHA warehouse striping in any facility located in Riverside and San Bernardino areas.

Why do you need professional warehouse striping services?

  • High-quality warehouse floor striping installed by our team of experts give your facility a professional aesthetic
  • OSHA floor striping in your warehouse can increase your productivity by up to 30%
  • Properly-installed warehouse striping protects your employees and expensive equipment
  • OSHA-compliant floor striping keeps your facility well-organized

Work with a company with several decades of experience in warehouse striping in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.


Specialty Coating

Do you need durable floor coating for your facility in Riverside or San Bernardino? Whatever floor coating needs you have, we can do it for you. With years of experience and client trust in us, we will provide you with nothing but high-quality specialty floor coating.

Do you need a floor that is resistant to acid, oil and other strong chemicals? We got your floor covered!

Shotblasting, concrete joint filling & crack repair, full dock equipment & repair, asphalt seal coating, and battery charging areas installation are just some of the services we provide in Riverside and San Bernardino.

Our team of professionals will thoroughly prepare your floor and other surfaces before installing the specialty floor coating that you require for your facility. We will help you make your warehouse safe and we will create surfaces that allow for spill control and quick cleanups.

Upgrade your warehouse surfaces so that it can withstand the harshest work conditions.

We use only the best paint and coating supplies to ensure long-term performance for your surfaces.


Painting Services

Do you need painting services in other areas of your warehouse?

Your warehouse has more than just the floor! We can make your Riverside or San Bernandino facility look professional from top to bottom. Our team of experienced painters can cater to all your painting needs. We provide the best painting services in Riverside and San Bernandino counties. Be it acrylics, latex, urethanes, polyurethanes, enamel, epoxy – you name it! TCI Striping can provide you with the painting services you need. We offer industrial cleaning too!

Best Techniques to Properly Finish and Stripe a Warehouse Floor

TCI Striping

A modern warehouse will usually have specific areas that are striped with specialty tape or paint. These spots are clearly marked for a specific purpose or as a safety precaution. An area could be striped as a forklift path, for example. The question is, how exactly do you finish and stripe a warehouse floor, making it uniform and capable of handling heavy traffic? The process is not as difficult as you might think.

Start with a clean surface

The first step is to ensure you have a clean surface. Nothing will stick to dirt, grime, and especially grease. Clean the area well and allow it to dry completely before beginning to try and add lines. Ignoring this step will ensure your material doesn’t apply correctly.

Lines can be added via several processes:

Perhaps the easiest way to do this is the utilization of striping tape. Measure the area that requires striping. Next, add your lines utilizing a quality adhesive tape, such as Tuff Mark. It is an industrial strength floor striping tape commonly used in the industry instead of paint. It comes in several sizes, including 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inches in width. You can easily add your stripes in this method, plus you have an option of colors including red, black, white, green, yellow and black, red and white, solid yellow, and blue. Industrial tape is designed to last a long time.

You could also use an aluminum-based floor marking tape that is less expensive. This type will conform more easily since it actually contains aluminum, but it can also be damaged more easily than the Tuff Mark. Fortunately, it is also more easily removed so any damaged areas can be quickly replaced.

You can also use the old method of painting the floor. The easiest way to do this is with a paint striping machines. Your best bet at this point is to hire a professional to come in and do the striping for you. The downside to actual paint is that it will flake off much quicker than the products like Tuff Mark, which can add to frequent touchups and wasted time. It is also slick, which can be a safety hazard. Scuffing and scarring the floor aids in preventing it from becoming too slick, but once again, this is a time-consuming step that is unnecessary when using other techniques.

The final technique is Preformed Thermoplastic. This can produce an unpleasant smell for a short period, primarily because it is actually melted onto the flooring surface. It is a 90 mil thick substance that only works on a porous surface. You can easily test your floors surface by pouring a small amount of water onto the surface. It should begin to sink in immediately. If it stands on the concrete, your floor is likely not porous enough to utilize Preformed Thermoplastic. If it disappears, then your floor is a good candidate for this process. It is a long-lasting material when the surface is compatible.

For the best results, tape is the route to go on any smooth surface. Paints and thermoplastic are highly recommended for more porous areas. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will successfully have a striped floor that will last a very long time and serve its purpose well.

TCI Striping is a full-service professional contractor specializing in Warehouse Striping & Specialty Coating services.  With over 40 years of experience, we have earned a reputation as a trustworthy commercial and light industrial contractor with an extensive range of capabilities, qualified experience, specialized training and equipment, and a workforce that pays careful attention to detail. Give us a call and we’ll take care of your warehouse flooring and striping needs.



Why is Proper Warehouse Striping Important?

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Using the proper indoor floor markings is an essential part of any warehouse or distribution center. The main purpose of warehouse striping is to designate specific areas for certain functions. It’s also put in place as a precautionary measure for everyone’s safety inside the establishment. There are a number of various colors of striping that are used to represent different things such as fall or slip risks, fire hazards, or chemical hazards. Today, we will discuss the importance of proper warehouse striping for businesses and distribution centers.


Indoor floor markings should always be done by professionals. This is because they are highly knowledgeable about which markings are the most appropriate for a warehouse. You will also have the guarantee that every marking is done correctly and securely. Poorly executed markings wear down easily and they begin to fade and chip prematurely. Hiring professional floor striping specialists will give you the best results that are long-lasting and up to code. Here is what you can expect from professional specialists like TCI Striping:

  1. They will be able to properly prepare the concrete surface. This is an extremely important step in the warehouse striping process. Similar to how a wood needs to be sanded before it’s painted, concrete also needs to be prepped beforehand. Before the floor striping specialist applies any paint on the concrete floor or walls, the concrete is etched using a shot blaster. This is done so that the current smooth finish of the floor will be removed, allowing the paint to adhere more securely to the surface.
  1. Floor striping specialists will be able to choose the correct type of paint. When an inappropriate type of paint is used to create the markings, it wouldn’t be applied properly. The markings will not be able to stay in place. Epoxy is the most common type of paint widely used in warehouses and other indoor buildings. Although it’s less expensive than other paints, it can effectively stand up to heavy forklift traffic. It can also handle the wear and tear which usually occurs with the movement of pallets and other heavy equipment.
  1. They will be able to perform the correct sealant application. Once the markings have been successfully put in place, it’s important to ensure that the striping is properly processed so it will withstand the test of time. This is done by applying a sealant. Even though it’s not as important as choosing the right type of paint, it is still a necessary step in the striping process because it will help to protect your investment. A sealant is transparent in color and it effectively provides a layer of protection onto the painted surface.


Warehouse striping is important because it heightens the level of safety and security inside an establishment. Although the floor restriping process may look easy, it should only be done by specialists and with knowledge, expertise, and years of experience in the striping business.  They are the only people who can provide you with a guarantee that the entire process and application will be done correctly. Floor striping specialists will be able to complete the job accurately and efficiently which will save you time and money.

TCI Striping is a full-service professional contractor specializing in Warehouse Striping & Specialty Coating services.  With over 40 years of experience, we have earned a reputation as a trustworthy commercial and light industrial contractor with an extensive range of capabilities, qualified experience, specialized training and equipment, and a workforce that pays careful attention to detail. Give us a call and we’ll take care of your warehouse flooring and striping needs.

Best Warehouse Floor Coating Options

Best Warehouse Floor Coating Options

TCI Striping

Technology has improved our lives in numerous ways over the last few decades. Automobiles have become safer and more fuel efficient. Medicines, although still expensive, have extended our quality of life beyond anything our grandparents could have dreamed of. In many ways, technology has reached into every aspect of our society and brought about change and improvement. This includes the manufacturing and warehousing sector. The modern warehouse is no longer a dingy and dirty structure floored with a battered concrete slab.

With the development of huge central storage and shipping facilities, warehouse floor coating options have advanced as new materials and new processes have been developed and refined. Creating a safe, hygienic workplace is as important to the warehouse workers as it is to the owners.

These advancements have been developed due to the problems with maintaining a strong foundation for workers and equipment. Concrete floors in warehouses suffer from specific problems:

  • Abrasion
  • Impact
  • Chemical exposure
  • Temperature fluctuations

Additional concerns of aesthetics and cost can be factors in deciding which type of flooring to go with, but are similar enough in the two primary types of floor coatings for modern warehouses. These are polished concrete and epoxy coating. Although similar in that both flooring types are easy to clean, stain/mold resistant, and durable, both have distinct advantages:

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete flooring is durable and environmentally-friendly. It is stain resistant and only needs to be refinished every five to ten years. For the budget conscious warehouse owner, cost alone makes polished concrete a great value. Creating and maintaining a polished concrete floor is also environmentally-friendly. The chemicals used in epoxy hardeners are corrosive and can have a negative aspect on the environment.

Epoxy Coating

Environmental concerns with epoxy coatings, however, are balanced by its advantages over polished concrete. Epoxy coating makes a concrete floor more damage resistant than polished concrete does. It is more durable than polished concrete if heavy equipment, such as a forklift, is regularly used in the warehouse. Epoxy coated concrete floors are also easier to clean and maintain than even polished concrete is – lowering maintenance costs dramatically.

Balancing the problems that the specific floor will face during its lifetime versus the advantages of the specific flooring solutions needs to be researched and discussed by the owners and builders of the warehouse. Although it might be cheaper in the short run to install a polished concrete floor, if the warehouse uses a lot of forklifts or other heavy equipment, the long range costs can be considerably higher than expected.

Conversely, if a warehouse has little heavy equipment the cost benefits of polished concrete can be very attractive. Care must be taken, however, if the use of the warehouse changes over its lifetime.

Both of these materials can be found in many warehouses and shipping facilities. Although they are not identical, both of these warehouse floor coatings will help warehouse owners create a safe and hygienic warehouse space for workers and products that will last for many years.

TCI Striping is a full-service professional contractor specializing in Warehouse Striping & Specialty Coating services.  With over 40 years of experience, we have earned a reputation as a trustworthy commercial and light industrial contractor with an extensive range of capabilities, qualified experience, specialized training and equipment, and a workforce that pays careful attention to detail. Give us a call and we’ll take care of your warehouse flooring and striping needs.