Distribution Warehouse Striping in Rialto

If you own a distribution warehouse in Rialto area, distribution warehouse striping is definitely something worth thinking about. Industrial line markings are something you can’t really do without in your warehouse. When it comes to keeping your distribution warehouse safe and productive, distribution warehouse striping in Rialto offered by TCI striping is your best bet. In case you didn’t know, having distribution warehouse striping installed in your distribution warehouse in Rialto can make a whole lot of difference. First, it can keep your employees safe by marking pedestrian routes, no-entry zones, and aisles for heavy or dangerous machinery efficiently. Second, it will help you get the most out of your storage capacity, thereby making your warehouse more effective. It will change not only how your warehouse looks, but also its productivity. Distribution warehouse striping can separate the different zones in your warehouse without closing off each area.

When you need a warehouse striping contractor in Rialto, TCI striping is the company you should go to. We have been a leader in warehouse striping for several decades. We are a striping contractor in Rialto that provides a complete set of services including concrete floor preparation, supplying you with high-quality coating materials and application of your chosen floor marker. We can provide you with cost-effective packages for the most durable warehouse floor striping in Rialto.


How We Provide The Most Durable Distribution Warehouse Striping in Rialto

For warehouse floor striping in Rialto, we have a couple of fundamental steps we strictly abide by. The first step is the concrete preparation. This is also the most important step because how durable your distribution warehouse striping will be will depend on how well the concrete floor preparation is done. We at TCI striping make it a point to be as meticulous as possible in preparing the surfaces for our warehouse floor services. Our team of experts is well-trained for this. We usually shave or grind the surfaces to make it rough so that the marking will be more durable. You can also go for shot-blasting the concrete as preparation for the warehouse floor striping. All of these methods will open up the concrete for the markings, as the old surface is removed. If you’re familiar with how wood is prepared before treatment, concrete preparation for floor marking is somewhat similar to that. Remember that rougher concrete will bring about better performance.


Options For Distribution Warehouse Striping In Rialto

In terms of distribution warehouse striping, there are many options and alternatives that you can choose from. Above, we emphasized how important floor preparation is for the durability of interior warehouse striping. However, there are instances where we cannot roughen the floor surfaces. This is most common when there are contractual restrictions involved. When this happens, there is still some alternate floor marking products that we can use that are quite durable. These alternate floor marking products can still be installed and will still function properly even without thorough floor preparation. Our expert technicians will do the necessary pre-work despite the options being limited. Whatever your floor type is, whatever the floor markings usage would be, whatever issues and restrictions you may have, our trained experts will provide you with the exact markings you need. TCI Striping utilizes many different types of chemical mixes as well as paint to achieve the markings that you want.

When it’s distribution warehouse striping you’re considering, we’ve got many options for you. You can choose embedded warehouse floor striping which is the most durable option, albeit more expensive than the other available options. If you want something more cost-efficient, but you don’t want to sacrifice durability too much, you can choose to go for our shot-blast floor markings. Or you can choose epoxy or floor tape instead. Whatever material you decide to use, we offer them in a selection of colors so you can freely choose what you want for your warehouse floor.


Going For Floor Tape

There are many warehouse owners who go for durable floor tape as their striping option. This is quite popular because it can be installed quickly and easily. This option is also one of the easiest to clean. With this option, you’d also get to choose the type of floor tape you want to use. It all depends on what your priority is. You can choose between durable, anti-slip or practical. We offer tape from trusted brands known for manufacturing high-performance floor tapes. Whatever your choice of floor tape will be, our team of experts will be happy to install it on your warehouse floor in Rialto.

If your priority is grip, you should choose the floor tape with anti-slip characteristics. This type of floor tape will add an impressive grip to your floor markings, making it ideal for areas that experience high traffic on a daily basis. It would also be useful for areas that are susceptible to moisture. It can also help prevent accidents in doorways, steps, and pedestrian walkways.

On the other hand, if the cost is an issue for you, the best choice you should go for is the PVC tape. Though this is thinner than others, it is also available in many different colors. Don’t set your expectations too high though. You get what you pay for. Compared to other types of floor tapes used in warehouse floor striping, PVC tapes are somewhat lacking in terms of durability and performance. Whatever floor tape option you choose for your warehouse, you must understand that preparation will also help you maximize the durability of your floor tape. Before our professional team will install the floor tapes, we need to make sure that chemical residue, dirt, and dust are removed from the surfaces. This will help in maximizing the performance of the tape and would prevent it from peeling quickly. If the surface is not prepared well, there is a chance that the floor tape won’t stick to the floor.


 Shot Blast Warehouse Floor Striping in Rialto

Shot blast is the most sought-after striping method of warehouse owners and operators in Rialto. This is a good option because it is cost-effective and provides high-performance floor striping. This method emphasizes the preparation before the application of the floor markings. To prepare the surface, our trained technicians use a shot blast machine to remove parts of the surfaces of the concrete to achieve a certain level of roughness. This is to promote a tough hold between the marking material and the concrete to enhance durability. We invested in this technology to provide precise cutting of the concrete to make sure that no roughened patches will be left uncovered on your warehouse floor. We will only cut the parts that will later be sealed by the materials used for marking. The machine we use also utilizes a vacuum system to prevent dust and debris from creating chaos in your warehouse. With this method, your warehouse floor striping in Rialto will last a long time.