At TCI Striping, we are experts in getting your concrete surfaces like new — a clean slate is the best place to begin. Are you thinking of getting rid of an existing concrete coating? Or are you perhaps adding a new one?

Shot blasting services are the best solution for concrete floor maintenance and preparation. The reasoning is simple — shot blasting services are fast, accurate, clean, and the least expensive way to prep all of your concrete floors. Our shot blasting company services include:

Warehouse StripingSpecialty CoatingPainting ServicesOSHA Floor Striping

Our TCI Striping crew provides an excellent shot blasting near me service for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Floor maintenance and preparation
  • Fast, accurate, and clean
  • No irreparable damage left
  • The highest-standard of shot blasting services

TCI Striping — A Leading Shot Blasting Company

Many use a shot blasting company as their preferred treatment for concrete surface preparation. Shot blasting services are the best treatment for surface preparation because of its ability to shave off a micro-fine layer of concrete without damaging or compromising any part of your concrete surface.

Moreover, since shot blasting near me is a dustless process, there is absolutely no mess to clean up. The concrete floor is made ready to paint the same day. Our technicians thoroughly blast it, providing high-standard shot blasting near me help.

At TCI Striping, we provide a high standard of service alongside state of the art equipment from the beginning of TCI Striping. Throughout each shot blasting company job, we use the finest and most efficient equipment available — our technicians are more than well trained.

As a leading contractor in the floor prep industry, our shot blasting near me techniques achieves the best results. It is not by accident that our company maintains such high regard for our services. We’ve designed and created innovative processes and techniques from the first job to the last.

Our shot blasting services are:

  • A dustless process
  • No mess to clean up after
  • The best treatment for any concrete surface preparation

Please take notice of our top customers among hundreds of other corporations that trust TCI Striping — a leading shot blasting company — with all floor prep and coating systems needs.

No Grease Left Behind — Environmentally Safe Shot Blasting Services  

Any grease or oil stains throughout your warehouse or building? We can treat these fast, efficiently, with guaranteed start-to-finish detail.

TCI Striping shot blasting company also prides itself on being an environmentally sensitive company. Our cleaning products and services are environmentally safe. What’s more, all water used during our shot blasting near me and concrete surface cleaning process is treated to be reused after each concrete scrubbing and concrete washing project.

Our water reclamation system is equally important to us. We take our dirty, contaminated water and truck it to a local water treatment facility.

Concrete Cleaning /Scrubbing — Discover Expert Shot Blasting Near Me Services

TCI Striping offers the best shot blasting services, among other shot blasting company services. We provide clients with the best floor cleaning and scrubbing as well.

We recommend our shot blasting services to clients because of its long-lasting value. You’ll have a 5-year guarantee with our shot blasting company expertise. Shot blasting near me can irreparably damage and scare concrete — once a mistake is made, it is irreversible. We are aware of the magnitude of damage that can be done — learn more about our shot blasting company services here.

If you’re leasing a warehouse, you may not have the option of shot blasting near me services for your concrete and need a temporary solution. For example, you might have a short lease on the warehouse, or in other circumstances, there is a known reconfiguration of the warehouse layout to be determined soon. Whatever your situation might be, it’s essential to think about getting a proper estimator team and shot blasting company before deciding what kind of durability you are looking for.

In particular, if you’re looking for a product that is going to last 3-5 years without fail, then TCI Striping recommends a two-part epoxy with shot blasting services to prepare your concrete surface. Our two-part epoxy product and service can be guaranteed to stay down without failure for three years, and often lasts longer than that.

Care For A Test Run Of Our Shot Blasting Services

Are you thinking about testing out a new pattern in your warehouse? We recommend doing a test run! Scrubbing and coating is an excellent way to do a test run. Before making that permanent change to your warehouse — call TCI Striping for an estimate. Our style of scrubbing and coating lasts up to 2-3 years.

  • A transparent estimate process
  • Our scrubbing lasts 2-3 years
  • Knowledgable estimators available for all types of jobs

In many cases — something many of our finished jobs have proven — there is an added benefit of timing your removal process properly. It is a much easier and faster removal process if done at the right time with the proper technical knowledge.

Shot blasting near me projects vary, so we also have a team of knowledgeable estimators to learn about your concrete floor prep options and specifics. Our estimators are thorough — we provide a transparent estimation process from start to finish.

Experienced technicians and estimators — Fast removal processes — No damage left — Full-service — State-of-the-art equipment

As mentioned, not all projects are one in the same. At TCI Striping, we have a full-service state of the art cleaning equipment readily available. Our up-to-date cleaning equipment includes ride-on scrubbers for the most strenuous jobs. We also have wheel-mounted power-washing equipment, and good old fashioned manual soft mops, shop mops, and hand brooms.

Alongside TCI Striping for the majority of situations, dust and dirt can quickly and cost-efficiently be removed from your warehouse, and no matter what size.

Concrete Paint Removal & Clean-Up — Full-Service Shot Blasting Company

Our shot blasting near me, and concrete cleaning services also include concrete paint removal. Several types of painted or coated surfaces eventually need to be removed after coated surfaces begin to fail or are no longer required. For example, safety lines, warehouse striping, or floor coatings are all easily removable by our team at TCI Striping shot blasting company.

Invite our TCI Striping shop blasting company crew to come out to your warehouse. We’ll give the best clean and usable surface needed for your next project. We do this by utilizing our tools, knowledge, and shot blasting services explicitly made to remove these sealers, paints, and adhesives.

Our shot blasters, grinders, and scarifiers, to ride-on scrubbers, sweepers, and chemicals, are ready to get your concrete cleaning projects done efficiently. Get your clean slate today with TCI Striping. Request a shot blasting services quote today!