Are you worried about designing your distribution center or having the proper distribution center striping for safety? TCI has the best solutions with the expertise to handle this for you. Well-structured distribution centers say a lot about a company’s image by creating a positive first impression that wins customers’ loyalty.  It is important to think about designing your distribution centers with accommodative parking lots and clearly marked pathways. This adds to the company’s credibility and further improves the lasting impression on those whose business you may be working to attract.

Distribution Centers and Proper Distribution Center Striping

Distribution centers not only house and distribute goods, they also employ a number of staff members who not only run the administrative aspect of the center but also move goods from areas inside the warehouse to the trucks for transport. It is therefore ideal to assure the customers and workers within the warehouse of their safety for healthy business cooperation. Distribution center striping is one of the methods used to ensure that all precautions are taken and workers and visitors are kept safe while they are inside the warehouse. Striping ensures working environment is clean, safe and orderly. For instance, marking passage ways establishes safe pathways for clients and workers avoiding traffic and accidents. The choice of colors for distribution center striping serves a crucial role within any organization. Commonly, four major colors are used to pass different messages. Yellow is used in pathways to indicate areas where caution should be considered. White is for general purpose, for instance storage and equipment locations. Red designates fire fighting locations and hazard zones. Finally, orange is used for organizational purposes such as inspection of materials.

With Over 40 Years of Experience, TCI Striping is the Best Choice in Distribution Center Striping

TCI experts excel in providing the best distribution center striping services around. Their knowledge and years of experience make them invaluable to distribution center owners. As contractors, they work with general managers and others to determine the size of the operation floor, clearly define the area, and mark boundaries using durable colors. Distribution centers in most warehouses use tracks to operate services such as lifting items and moving goods to stores. Such tracks tend to be heavily loaded and can cause destruction of the floor. TCI specializes in reconditioning these floors by using durable materials to withstand the heavy weight for a smooth running business operation. Additionally, floor coating is done by our company to avoid corrosion from acidic materials.

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Distribution Center Striping